Since 1995, the attorneys of Law Offices of Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen have obtained over $100 million dollars in compensation for their clients. They have obtained those verdicts and settlements in cases involving defective products, worker safety, government liability, employment practices, business cases and serious personal injury and wrongful death. Two recent jury verdicts demonstrate the types of extraordinary results they deliver at trials for their clients.

In addition to those high-profile verdicts, Law Offices of Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen has obtained the following recoveries in the past:

Motorcyle Accident/ Spinal Cord Injury
$20 Million Dollars Verdict in Orange County Superior Court (2009)
Auto Accident/ Back Surgery
$1.7 Million Dollars Jury Verdict in Bakersfield Superior Court (2007)
Auto rearended by Bus/ Minor Brain Injury
$1.75 Million Dollars Settlement (2007)
Dangerous Intersection Condition
$1 Million Dollars Settlement (2008)
Intersection Accident (Auto vs. Commercial Truck)
Client was at fault, failed to yield at stop sign
$800,000 Dollars Settlement (2009)
Slip & Fall Accident with Prior Head Injury
$1.3 Million Dollars Settlement (2006)
Auto Accident/ Wrongful Death
$365,000 Dollars Policy Limits Settlement (2009)
Auto Accident/ Knee Injury
$125,000 Dollars Settlement
Medical Malpractice
$350,000 Dollars Settlement
Medical Malpractice
$100,000 Dollars Settlement (2008)
Burn Injury (Premises Liability)
$100,000 Dollars Settlement

* Please note that every case differs and that results in other cases do not constitute a warranty or guarantee of any particular result in your case.