Auto Defects Lawyer

Defective automobiles, including their component parts and tires, kill and seriously injure thousands of Americans every year. Under the law of California and United States, victims of defective automobiles, are entitled to compensation. The attorneys of Law Offices of Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen, and their national affiliates, have represented the victims of virtually every conceivable automotive defect in courts all over the country. We have represented victims of rollovers, roof crush, vehicle fires, defective tires, defective seatbelts, steering and transmission defects in cases nationally and under a wide variety of circumstances.

Very few attorneys have the resources or expertise to adequately investigate, prepare and try an automotive defect case. Our attorneys do. We have stood toe to toe with the attorneys of virtually every major automotive and tire manufacturer, and put our experience and resources to work to obtain extraordinary results for our clients in every automotive defect case we handle.

We accept cases involving defective automobiles and their component parts, including tires, nationally. We select, hire and pay for the right investigators and experts. We depose the automotive engineers and corporate representatives, along with their high-priced experts. We get the maximum settlement. And if the manufacturer is unwilling to pay what we say is fair and reasonable, we take your case to trial.