California Business Dispute Attorney

Business disputes are a regular occurence in todays business world. If you need a business dispute attorney in Sothern California, Law Offices of Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen can help you. Attorney Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen has almost 15 years experience successfully representing clients throughout California and is dedicated to helping you in any way possible. We handle a full range of business disputes including:

    * Breach of contract and other contract matters
    * Real estate and investment fraud
    * Wrongful Termination Disputes
    * Sexual Harassment
    * Franchise Disputes
    * Technology disputes
    * Commercial construction disputes
    * Lender liability claims
    * Unfair and deceptive trade practices
    * Unlawful competition
    * Shareholder disputes
    * Oficer and director duties
    * Conflicts of interest

Business dispute attorney Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen has the skills and qualifications to help you win your case. Law Offices of Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen is committed to a fair, honest and legal business environment. Please contact us if you or your business would like to explore creative options to protecting your rights. Call us now for your free consultation.